Affirmative Action and Reservation


I have no quarrels with the idea of affirmative action. I have disagreement with the basis and quantum of reservations.

If personal taxation is based on economic criteria, the same should be the basis for reservations. Conversely, how about personal taxation based on caste? Does that not sound too insensible? How about religion based taxation, a higher order idiocy.

Why are reservations not followed across the board in all public opportunities?

Caste based reservation only highlights and perpetuates the caste system. The inter-caste social tensions will only increase.

Reservation running at 50 percent means that non SC/ST/OBCs can at best get access to only 50% opportunities which may go up in some cases where SC/ST/OBCs choose not to avail of their claims.

The gender based affirmative action is a pipe dream.

Published by

Mukul Gupta

*Educator, researcher, author and a friendly contrarian* Professor@MDIGurgaon

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