Supine Press, Burly Politics

Lets me begin with a disclaimer – It is extremely essential to separate the doctrine of INC from the followers and members of INC, otherwise, this post may be mistaken for BJP propaganda. The separation is necessary before one can analyse it openly and objectively. The analysis is important else it does more damage with brainwashed people going on rampage. The INC as a political party has been taken up from amongst so many mainly because, it has been the party in Government for most period of the Sovereign Democratic Republic of India. It is equally essential to state unequivocally and unconditionally that I am apolitical Indian nationalist who hates consumption of my fellow citizens as cannon-fodder in the bloody battle for one-upmanship in Indian politics.

The core binding glue of the INC establishment ever since Independence (and not prior to independence) has been ‘loyalty to the dynasty.’ History is replete with instances when any challenge to the dynasty from within the party has resulted in annihilation of the challengers. It is unbelievable to see the ‘educated and the intelligent’ within the INC to be completely and mindlessly subservient to the ‘illiterate and the stupid’ heirs of the dynasty in complete disregard to their inner-voice and national interest. They can pilot an impeachment motion against the Chief Justice of India for not being democratic but they cannot impeach their dynastic leadership. It is equally unfathomable how the party which has ruled the largest democracy in the world in the past, and also wishes to rule it in the future does not uphold any democratic principles inside its own home. Its dynastic leadership has not let the party conduct any internal elections since 1972.

The avalanche of propaganda and “fake news”, which the dynasty is unleashing upon the Indian masses through the screen of UPA/INC, is not only indicative of an astonishing contempt for established democratic principles and the freedom of expression and information. It also reveals how truly terrified the dynasty has gone after falling from power, and just how far they will go in compromising democratic principles in order to be able to return to power at all costs. The dynasty and the political establishment of INC which considers itself as the political elite cannot come to terms with their failure in clinging to power. They are going overboard in using the slippery slope of “disinformation” and “polarisation” of people on lines of religion and caste, to cover up their long and established history of failures and hypocrisy and concurrently fuelling of dissent and resistance against the government.

The most influential journalists and media persons have been the beneficiaries of the illegitimate largesse including government accommodation, foreign jaunts, funds, priority in access to public property including public information and even the “Padma” awards bestowed upon them by the UPA/INC governments at the behest of the dynasty. These journalists are good human beings and have not forgotten the “good” done to them by the dynasty/INC. In keeping with their being beholden to their benefactors, they are willing to ‘stand for’ and ‘stand by’ their benefactors in bad times which have fallen upon them. INC leaders are getting these “loyal (bought out)” journalists to do their bidding by invoking their loyalty. The unholy alliance of INC and media giants to fuel the criticism of policies of the Indian government and to push under the carpet, all the skeletons of the misrule and abuse of power by the UPA/INC governments which continue to tumble out of cupboards every other day, is simply a “return on investment.”

The national media in India is geographically centred in Delhi. An episodic investigation into the backgrounds of some of the leading journalists of present day threw up some very interesting information. Most of them have been activists during their days in college, most of them were at different colleges of Delhi University or JNU or Jamia and most of them were affiliated to or even active members of either the All India Students Federation (related to Communist Party of India) or National Students Union of India (related to Indian National Congress). Very few of them were with Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (related to Bhartiya Janata Party). Student wings, though not normally considered as factions of a political party, are usually intended as student focused extensions of party policy and ideology. Interestingly, those who were not active in the student wings of these parties were otherwise active through their youth wings or women wings. Their leanings are obviously towards the left and more than their leaning towards the Congress or the Communist ideologies, they have been indoctrinated to be anti the Sangh idealogy.

With the media assuming the role of a commentator rather than a reporter, the biases of the media moguls against the rightist ideologies are only getting more vitriolic and caustic with each passing day. The media has been successful in throwing the challenge of “award-waapasi” “intolerance” “Ghar-waapasi” “azaadi” “beef” “surya-namaskar” “Vande mataram” and similar other buzz at the ruling party.

Media, considered as a pillar of democracy has not much to its credit in the post-independence era. But for a handful, the fragility of the spine of Indian media was exposed by the INC rule of Emergency in 1975. It is unfortunate for the country and for the profession of journalism that a few journalists are busy paying dividends out of their capital, in advance, in the expectation of NDA/BJP bestowing similar largesse on them now or soon and/or the INC providing replenishment to them in the future, in lieu of their current loss of capital.

The misfortune however does not end here. It rather begins from here. Given that the BJP was voted to power for whatever agenda that the voters perceived it to have been standing for, and news (truth or untruth) which shows its failure, troubles the voters. The educated and the moderate amongst the voters either exercise the discretion of separating the fake from the truth or sulk by saying “politicians are all similar” or even accepting their mistake in having voted for BJP. The trouble is with the ignorant and the belligerent supporters. It is these who are actually the slaves of their abysmal ignorance and indulge in all kinds of misadventures fuelled by their belligerent arrogance of being in power and the belief that their power is now perpetual.

When ignorance and bigotry is allied with power, it becomes a dangerous force. When a sense of having been looted hurts the self-esteem, even the mightiest British regime can be brought down to their knees. INC also has its own share of ignorant and the belligerent supporters. Unfortunately, the supporters of INC are not interested in understanding. They are ignorantly convinced that they only need to believe that only one family which rules their party has the right to rule their country. They also don’t let go any opportunity of a misadventure just to refresh their memory of having been in power and the idea of salvaging the lost pride which they believe BJP has unfairly looted from them.

The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret in tyranny is in keeping them ignorant. It is in this arena that both the Leaders of the BJP and the INC are equal tyrants. So what do they want, one might ask? My fellow citizens, they want you and they want me! They want to own you and me! They think they already do. They do not. But if you believe they do and you accept their conventions and their twisted philosophies, well that’s good enough for them. Leaders of the BJP and the INC are equally complicit.



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