Wake up!! My young friends!!!

When the parents come in the way of their fun, today’s progressive, young people, of 18-25 years, insist that they have grown up now, but for all their basic needs and comforts of a home, they run back to their dad’s home. It seems this young class, which is dear to most of us like our children,  is not even thinking, neither about the future nor the past.

Possibly afflicted by blocked emotional development, this generation often mixes up and takes good intentions to be the same as good results. With a good intent, they dream of a better life for many people; but do not see that a better life cannot just be given out to anyone by anybody, only the means and opportunities to get to a better life can be given. Too far off from a better life or very indifferent to it or those who do not want to make any effort in achieving it; no government can give a better life to all such people. With a compassionate heart the younger generation imagines that it can make it possible through its manoeuvrings, an equal distribution of wealth to everybody by rewarding and encouraging the unproductive people without punishing and frustrating the productive members of the society.

Such people are said to suffer from “Peter Pan Syndrome” (inability to grow or reluctance to grow). In their ideas, they tend to lean to the left of centre (communism). Communism, Socialism and Capitalism have all failed or collapsed and the future may not support any such -isms. The youngsters want the government to act paternalistically and play the same role as their parents who overlook their disorderly and undisciplined behaviour yet fulfil all their basic needs. They don’t care, whether the country has to spend way beyond its ability to afford, or has to divert budgets out of essential and necessary expenses, but seek a comfortable life for themselves as citizens.

Not knowing what had happened before your birth, is like living as a child forever, and those who live in the real world, can enjoy such childhood of ignorant bliss for some time. But in the long run, all the real threats they ignored as past events or old events, catch up with them like a bank recovery agent, who can confront them at any place and at any time without fore warning.


Do not ignore the Indian and the world’s political, religious, social, economic, technological, legal, geo-demographical and terroristic history, if not all, at least of the last few years. Please don’t be an ignorant literate; grow up and take responsibility if you have stepped into adulthood. You future would be better when you become better.


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Mukul Gupta

*Educator, researcher, author and a friendly contrarian* Professor@MDIGurgaon

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