A Salute to Indian Scientists

Bharateeya (Indian) scientists have successfully carried out the test of an anti-satellite missile by bringing down one of its satellites in the low earth orbit 300 kilometres from the Earth’s surface. This test was to “safeguard” India’s own “space assets.”

This brings India in the small group of nations that claim to have anti-satellite weapons. Only the United States, China and Russia have demonstrated this capability till now. Israel is also said to possess this capability, though it has not carried out a test so far.

Hindus have forever been accused of having too much of resilience because hundreds of invasions and over thousand years of foreign power and influence could not wipe-off Hindutva – the Hindustani way of life – Bharateeyataa. This claim tells us less about the strength of Bharat (India) and more about the anti-Hindutva schema and anti-Bharat agenda of the social, political and religious ideologues of all shades and calibre.

History has proven that Bharteeyas (Hindus, Indians) need more power and influence than other groups to secure their safety. During the last 1300 years, Hindus have had the morality on their side, but they have lacked the power and influence to save millions of their brothers and sisters from systematic repression, tyranny, despotism and murder.

The truth is that if India were to put down her defence and security there would be no more India. If Pakistan were to put down their arms there would be no more war.

When Bharteeya power and influence are used in the cause of peace and justice – as it is today – in the latter half of the second decade of the 21st century – there is nothing to be ashamed of. It should be a source of pride for every Bharteeya (children of Bharat Mata), every Hindu (resident of Hindustan), and every Indian (national of India).

Bharat must never be afraid of using her well-earned power and influence for the safety and welfare of Bharat.


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Mukul Gupta

*Educator, researcher, author and a friendly contrarian* Professor@MDIGurgaon

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