Management Trimurti (Trinity) or Trilogy

MANAGEMENT Trimurti (Trinity) or Trilogy

  • MANAGEMENT IS OMNIPRESENT – Nobody needs a licence to practise management
  • MANAGEMENT IS NOT EASY – It is much more difficult than merely understanding it
  • MANAGEMENT IS THE CONNECTOR – of interests of business and society, and government


THREE TRAJECTORIES for Management Education

  • CONTINUALLY EVOLVING – experience to insights to social capital;
  • Becoming MORE EXPERIENTIAL – constant practice, reflection and feedback;
  • SUITABLE DRIVING FORCE for positive change in business and society


THREE HINTS for LEADERS of Management Education

  • EMBRACE DIVERSITY in all its forms.
  • Build and leverage PLATFORMS THAT CONNECT people, organisations and ideas.
  • Provide LEADERSHIP FOR THE INDUSTRY as well as management education


Inspired by: Dan LeClair, “Where is Management Education Going” Global Focus: EFMD Business Magazine, October 2019


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