On not paying attention in history classes

Some of the comments made by the political leaders of India in the parliament during the debate on CAB have shown how hollow they are in their information and knowledge, while they strut and masquerade as the intellectuals and the educated, they say what they say; and the equally brilliant editors of the TV channels and newspapers construct “headlines” out of such nonsensical utterances.

1One Member of Parliament by the name Shashi Tharoor said something like, “Amit Shah the Home Minister was not paying attention in the history class as the Hindu Mahasabha and the Muslim League were the only ones espousing the two-nation theory.”

2“The foundation for the two-nation theory was laid by Vinayak Damodar Savarkar and not the Congress” another gentleman by the name Manish Tewari senior party leader said besides alleging, “BJP was trying to undermine BR Ambedkar’s legacy.”

3I do not know about Amit Shah but I must confess that I was not paying much attention in the history classes taught to me by Shri H S Hiran and Shri D L Suredia; for which reason, I am forced to pay attention now.

4For my kith and kin who would share my claim of much lower intellect than the shining stars of Indian political debates; here is what I can share.

5[Please click on the attachments and read them if you were not paying attention in the history class]



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