Reckless behaviour is caused by a mind virus

Viruses are costly to those infected with them. They demand large amounts of money and time. They impose health risks and make people believe and do things that are demonstrably false or contradictory or even harmful. Viruses contain instructions to “copy me,” and they succeed by using the human fallacy of attitudes like “it can’t happen to me” or “I am indestructible” or “why worry when it is God’s will.”

Diseases caused by natural viruses like CONVID-19 spread only because some people do not care. It is for the rest of the people to decide if they would continue to be apologetic about the irresponsible behaviour of few slipshod people or take them on in the interest of human lives. Such infection is not just highly communicable but also self-replicating, according to the laws of cultural evolution.

Today it seems as if humanity is being driven to the brink of extinction by an illness? We don’t know if such destruction is likely to be caused by an organic virus or a mind virus?


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Published by

Mukul Gupta

*Educator, researcher, author and a friendly contrarian* Professor@MDIGurgaon

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