Isn’t this a World War?

Geo-Politics is driven by Geo-Economics. Altering Geo-economics through peacetime efforts takes 30-35 years or consistent efforts of two generations as the Japanese growth and the Chinese growth would show.

Balance of Economics can only be disrupted by Wars. Wars are won by destroying lives and livelihoods. Firepower models of 105 year old and 75 year old World Wars and even the gulf war are obsolete. The modern firepower lies in information-weaponry and bio-weaponry.

There is a school of thought which believes SARS-CoV-2, irrespective of it being a synthetic or a natural virus, is a Chinese enterprise which was nearly always known to the US. Western World, particularly the US has been at cold war with China due to its growing economic might and influence. China purchased western consumption and sold them goods produced in China. These goods were produced by deploying western capital, non-Chinese materials, non-Chinese know-how but Chinese labour. In the process, the west not only shipped its capital but also its jobs to China.

With the cold-war with China heating up, Trump started arm-twisting China. And the day arrived when China pulled the trigger of its information-weaponry and bio-weaponry.

China meticulously exported the SARS-CoV-2 and fed the stories of untold-death from Wuhan and created a world-wide panic bringing nearly every country on their knees.

Since misery sells, media amplified the fictional stories of human suffering in Wuhan from where; the non-Chinese had already fled, lot of them carrying SARS-CoV-2 as accompanied baggage. Trying to make money out of the misery that it had inflicted, China tried selling Tests and PPEs. The disinformation machinery from China provided a noise-byte to the non-ruling politicians to coax their democratic Governments into more testing, more economic disruptions and more social alienation. The fact remains that testing only identifies the prevalence of infection and not the likelihood of death. The real mortality from SARS-CoV-2 is lower than even the recent pandemics. Current data shows – this is a disease of the High and Upper Middle Income, rich Western countries have higher Case Fatality Rate, and Western countries have followed intensive testing in few regions, not across the country.

China has managed to immobilise most national economies and their drivers of growth – oil, power, education, travel and tourism, informal economies, banking, social affinity, cultures and values. In one stroke, China has managed to put EU on ventilator. Not only did it start the World War, China has also achieved the strategic objectives in waging the war and to that extent it has won the war. Like any party in war, China will also have collateral economic damages and costs to bear. But the damage and costs which China has succeeded in inflicting on rest of the world is many fold.

The efforts are now on to exit the war zone and close the war. The irony is that in departure from the past neither China has to announce a unilateral cease fire nor does need to sit and negotiate across the table with anyone to end this war.

Of course, China will face the retaliation and retribution for its war crimes the intensity of which would be determined by the strength and resolve of the losers of this war. Meanwhile China would diplomatically buy or win the support from some of the losers.

Am I just hallucinating as an effect of lock-down and imagining a war where there is none or is it that I just lived and survived through a war without even noticing it? If it be the latter, than I am an eye-witness who saw nothing of the war,  a war which shall go down in human history as a world war of smallest duration, with minimum casualties but maximum ruin.


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Mukul Gupta

*Educator, researcher, author and a friendly contrarian* Professor@MDIGurgaon

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